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Naughty Sassy Classy

Kalpana Dua

“Naughty Sassy & Classy” is the show about moments, celebrations and life lessons with Natural health and learning  for all age human beings be it Teenagers, Housewife, Doctor, Lawyer, Transgender, Leaders OR Game Changers hosted by Kalpana Dua “Kalpu” – Mrs. Universe India.

In this PODCAST she brings topics to uncover all:

Zindagi ke har rang har roop har pehlu aur har us lamhe ko aapke saamne lane ki, 

jiski hume talash hai 

Talaash hai hume Acchi Sehat ki

Talaash hai hume aage badne ki

Talaash hai hume apne aap ko khojne ki

Talaash hai hume Naughty banne ki

Talaash hai Shandaar aur dabang banne ki

Join us as we bring you everything that will give you happiness to be “Naughty” “Sassy” & “Classy” in each phase of your life.